Whitechapel- 10 years of Exile Tour- at The Rave/Eagles Club- 11/17/18

The Rave/Eagles Club was the perfect venue to host a special tour. From it’s layers of chilling haunted stories, to its beautiful stages.  This is Exile 10 year anniversary tour is making its way across the country, playing to enormous, sold out crowds and dedicated fans. 

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Opening up this killer tour each night is 4 piece band hailing all the way from Russia, Slaughter to Prevail! This band has been taking names and making themselves known in the states these last few rather short years. Vocalist Alex Shikolai (Alex Terrible) begins their set by coming on stage roaring while wearing the mask (kid of darkness mask) shown on their 2017 album “Misery Sermon.”

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Slaughter to Prevail fans show up in their own custom masks, yelling along to songs like “Hell” and “Chronic Slaughter.” The powerful vocals of vocalist Alex Shikolai leave new comers remembering Slaughter to Prevail. This killer band is one that can’t be slept on! 

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Next to conquer the stage 4 piece band, Oceano! Being from Chicago and there being no Chicago dates, Milwaukee was as close as it was going to get for a hometown show for Oceano. Hometown representatives showed up and crossed the Illinois border to come support Oceano on this phenomenal tour. The crowd went wild as soon as Oceano took the stage. The energy they were giving off on stage definitely transferred to the crowd, they were giving it their all for the entire set! Oceano played songs for old time Oceano fans and also the newer fans! From the mesmerizing lights, to the circle pits, to the crowd surfers, Oceano made sure that fans got what they came for out of their set. The energy and passion they have performing on stage is so apparent, and it makes for a killer set. 

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Next to pummel the stage, is Chelsea Grin! This 4 piece band from Salt Lake City, Utah has been a big talk lately. Vocalist Tom Barber formally frontman of Lorna Shore, is performing phenomenally with Chelsea Grin. There is so much talent to go around in this band. Drummer Pablo Segura pulls double duty and lays out vocals during the set along with being the backbone of the band on the drums. Fans do not half ass anything during a Chelsea Grin set. Security guards got their work out in catching crowd surfer after crowd surfer, and the pits were almost constantly circling. This band delivers each and every time and if you didn’t catch them performing on the final Warped Tour last year, you definitely need to see them with this substantial tour package. 

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Finally. The reason why we are all here. 6 piece band, Whitechapel! This killer band from Knoxville, Tennessee is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their 2008 album “This is Exile.” Honoring this album, Whitechapel is playing every song off that album each set! Along with some songs like “The Saw is the Law” off their 2014 album “Our Endless War,” “Elitist Ones” off their 2016 album “Mark of the Blade,” and even introduced a brand new song titled “Brimstone” off their newest album “The Valley” set to be released come 2019. 

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Whitechapel is selling out multiple shows on this tour, so it definitely isn’t a show you want to wait till last minute to buy tickets for. The fans are packing into venues like sardines for this tour each and every night, and these 4 bands are creating history as they make their way across America!


Photos and Review By: Mariah Berg