Steel Panther LIVE at the Chicago House of Blues- 11/29/18

Everyone typically knows what they are getting themselves into when attending a Steel Panther show. Let’s just say these shows are for ‘mature’ audiences only. Chicago, Illinois is the hometown of vocalist Michael Starr, so there was no doubt the House of Blues was going to get a phenomenal and special show that night. 

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As Steel Panther took the stage, there was just one thing missing. Bassist Lexxi Foxx wasn’t on stage, but Nikki Sixx’s twin Spyder was there! It was on everyone’s mind where Lexxi was, so Michael Starr and guitarist Satchel, put everyone’s mind at rest. They alerted the crowd that Lexxi Foxx has indeed checked himself into a sex rehab center. So Lexxi Foxx needed to miss the Sunset Strip Live tour while he learns how to have better sex. Steel Panther played many classics and the ladies in the crowd did not disappoint. Steel Panther even surprised the crowd with some killer covers! Michael Starr gave his best Ozzy Osborne impression as they played “Crazy Train” and Michael definitely could have had the crowd fooled if it weren’t for the hair! 

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The Sunset Strip Live tour is just getting started. Steel Panther isn’t alone on this tour, 6 piece band Wilson is along for the party also. This tour isn’t one you’ll want to miss, these great bands are traveling around North America giving a comedy show to everyone who has the balls to show up. Don’t miss out, get your tickets now! 

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Photos and Review By: Mariah Berg 

Steel Panther

Vocals: Michael Starr 

Best Guitarist in the Band: Satchel

Drums: Stix Zadinia

 ass: Lexxi Foxx