Eric Callaway CEO  – Editor in Chief (S. GA / N. FL)




Sherry Callaway CFO – Senior Photojournalist (S. GA / N. FL)


Hailing from the Southern part of Georgia, our fearless leaders work relentlessly to provide our audience with fresh, relevant content to keep them coming back for more and more. Fostering a culture of positivity and mutual support, Eric and Sherry steer the team in such a way as to remain professional and helpful to others within the industry.

For too long, territorial/competitive attitudes have dominated the industry. PlayitLoud encourages the creative artistry of other artisans, regardless of medium. PlayitLoud as a media outlet is exactly that, an outlet that focuses and celebrates the creativity and unique eye of other photographers around the world. 



Tara Lilly Williams – Senior Photojournalist / Administrative Assistant (OH)

Tara aka “Pit Princess” heads up the teams in OH and coordinates not only coverage of events in that market, but she also assists with getting the other teams credentialed for the ‘BIG’ shows. She is also founder of her own photography and consulting business called Pit Princess Magazine



Joseph Hasbrouck – Staff Photojournalist (S. GA / N. FL)

Joseph comes to us via Thomasville and Tallahassee primarily. PlayitLoud has covered numerous festivals and shows along side Joseph. Local Musicians is his brand page. Joseph and his wife Gin co sponsor JBG Rock Festival along with PlayitLoud. Local Musicians has been the family’s ‘go to’ photographer since the festival’s inception in 2012.



Troy Fisher – Contributing Photojournalist (FL)

Troy is a freelance photographer who covers events throughout FL. His work can be found on his Facebook page at Fisher Fotography. He often has images featured throughout the region in various publications, including PlayitLoud.



James Strassbarker – Contributing Photojournalist 

James is a photographer who joined the PlayitLoud team after working “Make America Rock Again” and “Kink Music Festival” He can often be found shooting shows from the SOuthern Tip of FL all the way up to NJ. James showcases his photography through the pages of PlayitLoud, as well as his Instagram account ~>here


Graham Denzler – Staff Photojournalist (NC / SC)

Graham of Grahm Denzler Photography covers events throughout the United States. He primarily covers tours for us in SC, NC, and VA. 

Craig Stebbins – Contributing Photojournalist (NY)

Craig is still a bit of an unknown’ to the team. He has countless years of experience and is currently shooting for a couple of various publications. He is hoping to utilize PlayitLoud as a platform to feature some of his region’s area bands that may otherwise not be seen and heard.


Mariah Berg – Staff Photojournalist

Mariah has begun contributing local / regional level shows for PlayitLoud in Wisconsin as we spread our wings West. She will be heading up things for us in the Mid West. Her work and ‘eye’ is AMAZING and we cant wait to get her shooting upper level shows for the team. 


Cathy Young Moore – Senior Writer

With an extensive background in writing, Cathy is one of the industry’s most sought after writers who interestingly, aspires to photograph shows. She is working closely with Tara to develop some administrative tools that will greatly help the photographers on the team. She helps to handle our album reviews and interview requests. 


Abstract Samm Sebera – Senior Writer

Also, one of our more better writers, Abstract Samm adds a unique personality to the PlayitLoud team. She helps us think a bit more ‘abstractly’ with our content and our ‘fan retention’. Samm works closely with Cathy to cover album reviews and interviews. She is also responsible for our Instagram and ‘connecting’ with our artists and musicians, as well as our audience. Her and Eric (our EiC) do a LOT of the LIVE feed stuff together. 


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