Ohio’s capital city is so lucky to still have an awesome real rock radio station. Our local 99.7 The Blitz threw one hell of a Christmas party at the sold out PromoWest Express Live. Most of the local rock jocks were there to celebrate with all of Columbus including Loper, Randi, Nuber, & Baker. Randi had a slight wardrobe malfunction with a hole in her pants that was quickly & repeatedly “fixed” by coloring her skin with a Sharpie pen. The only problem is the hole moved throughout the night leaving her with a leg like a Dalmatian dog. The Blitz team had their own merch booth and were around all night to meet & greet patrons.
The show started with a group out of Nashville, TN called The Dead Deads. They are known for their nicknames, X’s over their eyes, & mashing 60’s with grunge to form an amazing new sound. Meta Dead, Daisy Dead, Dolly Dead, & Johnnie Dead rocked faces off during their set with tunes like “Nothing Will Be Fine”, “Nope”, & “Sympathy Sex”. The set included space like screens & Aliens which perfectly complimented “Space”.
You could also find The Dead Deads at their table where they sold shirts, cd’s, & drew X’s on fans making them new members of their large fan base called The Dead Corps. Dolly & Johnnie were new additions to the band in late October. I have to say…they exceeded my expectations. This band’s 1st national tour was with Halestorm. I’d say that was a great intro for the female fronted band. They have been busy this year touring with Nonpoint, Alterbridge, a cruise on  ShipRocked. They are ending 2017 with Seether on the Poison the Parish tour.
The giant blues infused rockers Shaman’s Harvest were up next. Nathan Hunt & the boys started the set with a warning about just how bad ass this band truly is by playing their hit “Dangerous”. The Jefferson, MO band is no stranger to Columbus. We have had them play many times including Rock On The Range. The trio of powerful guitars from Derrick, Josh, & Matt made you want to play air guitar with these guys. Adam’s slick beats made you feel them throughout your entire body. They busted out a few songs from their 5th album “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns” that got the crowd really moving. You could see the crowd move & pulse to the beat of to “Dirty Diana” then sway to “In Chains”. 
Their latest album “Red Hands & Black Deeds” seems to be off to a great start with songs like “Broken Ones”, “The Devil In Our Wake”, and the 1st single “The Come Up”. The raspy, gritty, soul sticking vocals combined with the lyrics go in your ears and go straight to your heart. The hit single “Dragonfly” ended their set leaving me searching for the new album. You can catch Shaman’s Harvest in 2018 on ShipRocked, at Carolina Rebellion, & here in Columbus at Rock On The Range.
I had the privilege of seeing Seether over the Summer in Cincinnati, Ohio & I was blown away just as I have been every time. When the Blitz announced that Seether’s Poison the Parish Tour was coming to town, I did not think it would be our listener Christmas present from the radio station. I was elated to see that Shaman’s Harvest & The Dead Deads would be joining Seether for the 2017 Blitzmas show. 
Seether’s latest album “Poison The Parish” landed perfectly on Shaun Morgan’s new label imprint Canine Riot Records via Concord Music Group. They say this 7th album has no specific agenda & has got them back to their rocking roots. They must have been chilled because they came out and set the stage on fire then adding fuel by playing the song “Gasoline”. They played so many of their hit songs like “Broken”, “Fake It”, & “Country Song”. Morgan had Express Live on their feet and in need of a “Remedy” after this sold out show. I strongly recommend the new album & catching this HOT tour during the colder months.
Photos & Review By Tara Williams aka Pit Princess for PlayitLoud
Shaun Morgan – Vocals/Guitar
Dale Stewart – Bass/Vocals
John Humphrey – Drums
Nathan Hunt – Lead Vocals/Acoustic
Josh Hamler – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Fisher – Bass/Vocals
Adam Zemanek – Drums/Vocals
Derrick Shipp – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Meta Dead-Lead Vocals/Guitar
Johnnie Dead-Drums
Dolly Dead-Vocals/Lead Guitar
Daisy Dead-Vocals/Bass