Nile and Soulfly LIVE at The Turner Hall Ballroom- Photo Review- 5/7/18

The Turner Hall Ballroom is a beautiful venue for some killer heavy metal shows. With the wide open space, it makes for the perfect venue for a metal show. On a Monday night the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin opened up their venue to the From the Amazon to the Nile Tour featuring Nile and Soulfly!

Getting this tour package started was 4 piece band from South Carolina, the legendary death metal band Nile! On this tour Nile is bringing their fans on a roller coaster of Nile. Playing songs from albums dating all the way back to 1998 like “Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-ka” to songs off their 2015 album “What Should Not Be Unearthed.” Nile is a real fun death metal band to see live, they keep the crowds attention with their stage action between each other, taking turns doing vocals, and their participation with the crowd. Nile had another trick up their sleeve Monday night and brought up Soulfly vocalist Max Cavalera to do some guest vocals with them. The amount of energy was wondrous!

Nile did their part in pleasing their fans and brought them songs from multiple albums so there was something for everyone in Niles set. They played tracks off their 2000 album “Black Seeds Of Vengeance,” their 2002 album “In Their Darkened Shrines” and even songs off their 2009 album “Those Whom The Gods Detest.” Nile vocalist Karl Sanders even came down into the crowd after their set to thank and meet fans, it was a special moment for these concert goers. If you like some technical death metal, Nile is the band for you to see!

Headlining the From the Amazon to the Nile tour was 4 piece band from Arizona, Soulfly! Soulfly brings so much energy to the stage and the crowd definitely responds to it. Soulfly fans were moshing all night and singing to songs off the multiple albums Soulfly played songs from. There really was something for every Soulfly fan! They played songs off albums like “Primitive” their 2000 album, their 2002 album “3,” their 2004 album “Prophecy,” their 2005 album “Dark Ages,” and more!

Vocalist Max Cavalera is well known for many projects. He always brings energy and good vibes to the stage and doesn’t let his fans down! Guitarist Marc Rizzo had his time to shine and blew the minds of everyone in the building with his magnificent guitar solo.

Both of these killer bands bring something different to the table and this tour isn’t a tour to miss! Both bands bring the energy and it’s a killer show for any fellow metalhead. There are still a dozen shows left of the From the Amazon to the Nile tour so do yourself a favor and go support Nile and Soulfly at a show near you and see if they will play one of your favorite songs!

By: Mariah Berg



Drums: George Kollias

Guitar/Vocals: Karl Sanders

Guitar/Vocals: Brian Kingsland

Bass/Vocals: Brad Parris





Vocals/Guitar: Max Cavalera

Guitar: Marc Rizzo

Bass: Mike Leon

Drums: Zyon Cavalera