New Years Day steamrolls in to Orlando FL – Interview/photo review

New Years Day fronted by the rocking powerhouse Ash Costello Rolled in to Orlando Fl December 14th along with a few other female fronted Queens of Rock, Maria Brinks/In This Moment and Lzzy Hale/Halestorm. The Amway Center open floor layout was absolutely packed from front to back with an impressive filling out of both lower and upper concourse seating at the beautiful Amway Center. This is the very first occasion in six years of photographing some of the largest festivals in the South East that we as photographers had to shoot in ‘shifts’ and only got two tracks to get dialed in, because demand from media for coverage was SO high. . It was an exciting and challenging shoot in all aspects but the performance…. THE PERFORMANCE….

Photo credit Eric Callaway/PlayitLoud Media

New Years Day was a first for us and we were very  much looking forward to catching their set. Pit Princess, Tara Williams, had just canned an interview with Ash on Wednesday for us and I was looking forward to catching some images to go along with the post. MIND BLOWN! These guys EXUDE energy and captivate the audience from the very first beat. They almost dare you to NOT like them, theyre that damn good. An open invitation to mosh, head bang, or however you express yourself because the music DEMANDS it! Enjoy the interview below!

Interview with Ash Costello / New Years Day

Tara: First, let me congratulate you on your recently released song “Skeletons”. When I listen to it, I hear the lighter side of a being in a relationship. Your messages are usually darker. What does “Skeletons” represent?

Ash: It’s about loving someone so much that you don’t notice the scars or their imperfections…you just love them for who they are.

Tara : Secondly, I have to say wow & congrats on your female fronted tour with Lzzy Hale of Halestorm and Maria Brink of In This Moment. What have you learned from each leading lady?

Ash: It’s hard to say because I  feel like we are all equal. So, I feel like we all bring power and confidence, love & respect to the stage. If I’ve learned anything it’s not to be afraid to be afraid to share your story with other people. 

Tara: Since Christmas is around the corner…what would Santa Ash deliver to each person in the band?

Ash: Nikki Misery-Coal

Frankie Silv-Coal

Austin Ingerman-Coal

James Renshaw-Coal

They ALL get coal. They’ve been very naughty!!

Tara: What gifts have you received from each of your band mates?

Ash: Their eternal slavery & submission to me!

Tara: Who is you all time favorite duet partner?

Ash: Maria Brink

Tara: What plans are there for New Years Day in 2019? Will there be a full album release?

Ash: Definitely will be releasing a new album & definitely a lot more touring

Tara: Any shout outs, sponsors, or anyone to thank?

Ash: Just thanking the fans for being so supportive & awesome. You know we are nothing without them!
Tara: Thanks so much  for taking the time out to chat with me today! 

Interview submitted by Pit Princess, Tara Williams on behalf of PlayitLoud Media Group