Ministry LIVE at The Turner Hall Ballroom- Photo Review- 4/8/18

The Turner Hall Ballroom In Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a beautiful venue for some killer concerts. Last Sunday The Turner Hall Ballroom welcomed The AmeriKKKant North American Tour. The God Bombs, Chelsea Wolfe and Ministry all brought their A game. Even though it was a Sunday night and folks had to be up for work on a Monday morning, that didn’t stop fans from packing into the Turner Hall Ballroom to have a great time!

Opening up this night of fun was The God Bombs, a 3 piece band from New York. There is a lot to be said about this innovative band. 3 great musicians with incredible stage energy, really had the crowd dancing. Most drummers have a stool to sit on while playing, but The God Bombs drummer Edrick Subervi played standing the entire set, quite impressive! These punk rockers had the energy, clothing, and personality that everyone craves. Guitarist Jabbath Roa also played the keyboard. Hell, he even played the keyboard with his guitar! The God Bombs played songs off their new 2018 EP “Hex” like “Castrate Me”, “Hexxx” and more. They even covered a Ministry song “Flashback.” If you like something different, exciting and fun The God Bombs is a band you need to catch live!

Next to take the stage was Chelsea Wolfe, a 4 piece band from California. Vocalist Chelsea captivated the audience with their dark lights and Chelsea’s beautiful vocal ability. Chelsea Wolfe played songs like “Spun” and “16 Psyche” off their 2017 album “Hiss Spun”, “Feral Love” off their 2013 album “Pain is Beauty” and many more. Chelsea Wolfe really added to the diversity of this tour, and fans had a blast swaying and head banging to Chelsea Wolfe.

Now for a legendary band, the one we’ve all been waiting for, Ministry! This extraordinary 7 piece band from Chicago definitely makes their presence known when they are in the building. From blow up props, to extra cool light, Ministry always gives their fans a memorable performance. On this North American Tour, they even brought along Fear Factory vocalist, Burton Bell to do some guest vocals on some Ministry songs.

Ministry opened up their 14 song set with their song “Twilight Zone” off their brand new 2018 album “AmeriKKKant”. Since Ministry is touring for their new album on the AmeriKKKant tour they played many other songs off that album like “Victims Of A Clown”, “We’re Tired Of It” and more. Ministry also took it back to play tracks off their 1989 album “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste”, and 1999 album “Dark Side Of The Spoon.” The response to Ministry’s album was grand and many fans already were singing along to their brand new songs. This tour has many incredible musicians taking part. The tour featured a lineup of many other very special guests along with Burton. This lineup included ‪DJ Swamp from‬ ‪The Crystal Method‬, as well as talented Ministry personnel Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto on guitars, Tony Campos Of ‪Fear Factory‬, Ministry and Asesino on bass, and keyboardist John Bechdel Of ‪Killing Joke‬ and ‪Fear Factory‬.

With all these talented musicians together on stage, Ministry gave an A+ performance. If you want to see all these great musicians on stage together, the AmeriKKKant tour is something you need to catch. There are a good handful of dates left, so find a show near you!

Photos and Review By: Mariah Berg






Vocals and Guitar: Al Jourgensen

Keyboards: John Bechdel

Guitars: Sin Quirin

Guitars: Cesar Soto

Bass: Tony Campos

Drums: Derek Abrams

Turntables: DJ Swamp


Chelsea Wolfe



The God Bombs