LOTUS announces instrumental studio album and documentary

Lotus surprised fans on December 5th with the release of Frames Per Second, an all-instrumental 19-song studio album and accompanying documentary. Tracked live at Rittenhouse Soundworks in Philadelphia with cameras rolling, the new album aims to showcase Lotus in a pure, raw form performing live in the studio. Norwegian space-disco and psychedelic rock are just some of the sounds that influenced the expansive audio and video project. PRESS HERE to listen to Frames Per Second, available digitally and as a 3-LP vinyl set with video downloads and video-on-demand options. PRESS HERE to watch a promo video for the Frames Per Second documentary.

For Frames Per Second (written and produced by Jesse Miller and Luke Miller and available via the band’s own label), Lotus aimed to incorporate psychedelia into the album’s sound by combining hypnotic beats with unexpected harmonic or timbral turns. Songs such as “December Sun” and “Milk & Honey” have sections that can wash over the listener like waves.  The instrumental jamband also put their own spin on different classic funk styles, like 70s Fusion, West Coast G-Funk, Instrumental Soul, Boogie, and 80s Electric Funk. Since its release, Frames Per Second has been receiving critical praise with Relix saying it’s “a wide-spanning, instrumental funk exploration” and AXS.com noting, “Frames Per Second sounds just as vibrant and fresh as Vibes did 16 years ago.” Elsewhere, Pure Grain Audio called it, “a rollicking musical exploration…that shows off the group’s phenomenal musicianship and nuanced dynamics.”


Musically, Lotus – Mike Greenfield (drums), Jesse Miller (bass, sampler), Luke Miller (guitar, keys), Mike Rempel (guitar) and Chuck Morris (percussion) – has always been difficult to define; an instrumental jamband that has favored groove-based improvisation instead of gaudy solos and noodling. Influences of classic electronic dance music, funk, post-rock and dance-rock have all made their way into the Lotus sound. Over the years, their unique musical blend helped forge a new path in the jamband landscape, influencing many younger bands in the scene. Approaching two decades together, Lotus has toured actively throughout the US working their way up from dingy basement clubs to world-class venues such as Red Rocks. They’ve become festival favorites, playing everything from Bonnaroo, Camp Bisco and Outside Lands to Ultra Music Festival and Electric Forest, building a hyper-loyal following along the way.


Frames Per Second Track Listing

  1. “Cold Facts”
  2. “Gasoline”
  3. “Bug Love”
  4. “MacGuffin”
  5. “Aquamarine”
  6. “Stranger Danger”
  7. “Cosmosis”
  8. “Faceblind”
  9. “Forgotten Name”
  10. “Fortune Favors”
  11. “Giffard’s Airship”
  12. “December Sun”
  13. “Cloak & Dagger”
  14. “Celluloid Swagger”
  15. “Gunk”
  16. “Jiggle”
  17. “Pachyderm”
  18. “Milk and Honey”
  19. “And Yet They Fight”


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