Judas Priest LIVE at The Resch Center- 4/5/18- Photo Review

The Resch Center in Green Bay is a beautiful arena for large shows. Green Bay cheese heads love more than just cheese and the Packers. Green Bay is the home of many metalheads. On a Thursday night Wisconsinites packed into The Resch Center and welcomed the Firepower tour with open arms. The amount of metal gods that took foot on this stage was insane!

Opening this night of heavy metal was 5 piece band from Los Angeles, Black Star Riders. With members of Thin Lizzy in this band, Black Star Riders have a lot to offer. They brought energy to the stage, and got everyone up out of their seats the second they got on stage. Black Star Riders opened their set with their song “All Hell Breaks Loose” the title track off their 2013 album, and followed with “Bound For Glory” also off their 2013 album, “The Killer Instinct” the title track off their 2015 album, and even a Thing Lizzy cover of the song “Jailbreak”. Black Star Riders is an incredible band to see live, with some legendary musicians.

Next to conquer the stage was 5 piece band hailing all the way from England, Saxon! Saxon recently released a new album this year titled “Thunderbolt” and they played songs off that album like the title track “Thunderbolt,” “They Played Rock and Roll” and more. The fans reaction to the new music was great!

Saxon has played 6 shows back to back and still had the energy like it was the very first night of the tour. Saxon played songs from albums like “Wheels of Steel,” “Denim and Leather” and “Strong Arm of the Law” all albums from the early 80’s. It was a roller coaster of Saxon with them performing songs that are nearly 40 years old, and songs that are just 2 months old. It is insane the energy that Saxon still has up on stage, and they are definitely a band every metalhead needs to catch live.

Now for the one we’ve all been waiting for. 5 piece band also from England, Judas Priest! They made one hell of an entrance with their backdrop quickly disappearing as they came on stage. It was one of the coolest things ever! Everyone was chanting Judas Priest as they came on stage and everyone’s mind blown with the banner. Judas Priest opened their set with their song “Firepower” which is the title track off their brand new 2018 album. The energy these guys still have on stage is mind blowing. Their new songs “Lightning Strike,” “Firepower” and more were killer. The new album “Firepower” is an album every Judas Priest fan needs in their collection.

Judas Priest went on to play songs like “Grinder” and “Breaking The Law” off their 1980 album “British Steel,” “Painkiller” the title track off their 1990 album, “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” off their 1982 album “Screaming For Vengeance” and many more. Vocalist and metal God, Rob Halford is incredible on stage. As if he didn’t blow fans minds enough with his impeccable vocal skills at the age of 66, Rob came riding out on stage on a motorcycle as they played their song “Hell Bent For Leather” off their album dating all the way back to 1978 “Killing Machine.” Guitarist Richie Faulkner has been with Judas Priest for nearly 8 years now and the stage energy he brought to the stage was so fun. Folks were really enjoying themselves at this outstanding concert, but sadly it was time for it to come to an end. Ending their set was their song “Living After Midnight” off their 1980 album “British Steel.” If you aren’t able to catch Judas Priest on the 2018 Firepower Tour, not to worry they will be back! As Judas Priest took their bows at the end of the set, the big screen behind them read: “Judas Priest Will Be Back.” That gives fans something to look forward to.

There are still over a dozen shows left of the Firepower tour so catching these three killer acts together on the same bill is something everyone should make an effort to go see. Tour dates can be found on Judas Priest’s online website.

Photos and Review by: Mariah Berg


Judas Priest



Website: http://www.JudasPriest.com 


Vocals: Rob Halford 

Guitars: Richie Faulkner

Guitars(touring): Andy Sneap

Bass: Ian Hill

Drums: Scott Travis 





Website: http://www.saxon747.com 

Black Star Riders



Website: http://www.blackstarriders.com