Catch exclusive performances with #ZippoSessions at Welcome to Rockville

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 This year heralds the 50th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock festival in 1969. With this iconic cultural milestone, Zippo also celebrates a huge anniversary; 50 years since the rumored origins of the lighter in the air moment.

The historic encore moment apparently dates back to this 1969 moment, when young American singer-songwriter Melanie Safka was struggling to perform in a rainstorm. To show their gratitude for her perseverance, the 400,000 strong crowd held up their candles and lighters in tribute. Since then, the classic Zippo windproof lighter has become a celebrated piece of musical iconography – from starring on Lynyrd Skynrd’s Turn It Up album cover to filling in for Syd Barret of Pink Floyd’s lost guitar pick; the iconic Zippo windproof lighter has cemented itself in rock music history.

Join Zippo this May as we celebrate five decades of lighter in the air moments with the legends of rock at Welcome to Rockville. Rock out with Zippo as some of the biggest names in music grace the stage, including KORN, Evanescence, and Rob Zombie. Such an incredible line up will inevitably lead to cries from the crowd for more, as they raise their lighters in the air and demand an encore. 

Own a piece of rock memorabilia by pre-ordering one of the limited edition Welcome To Rockville Zippo windproof lighters. If you’ve already bought your ticket, it’s not too late! You can still pick up a limited edition festival lighter at the Zippo Encore area. Be sure to share a snap of your lighter by tagging @ZippoEncore with #ZippoEncore!


Rock with Zippo…


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This summer will also see the release of new episodes of ‘Dudes Talking S#!t In A Truck’ starring Heavy Metal Ambassador Jose Mangin and the best bands in rock.


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