AFTER THE CALM Release Official Music Video for “Stuck on Repeat”


Phoenix based Rock Band AFTER THE CALM has released the official music video for “Stuck on Repeat.” Directed by Jacob Reynolds (SLAVESDead Rabbitts), “Stuck on Repeat” is the band’s 3rd single released in 2018 produced by Matt Good (Asking AlexandriaThe Word Alive).

AFTER THE CALM will be performing at the Arizona Humane Society Benefit Show in Scottsdale, AZ on November 10, 2018.

“This single is our strongest of the three songs that we wanted to release this year. We believe ‘Stuck On Repeat’ is the best representation of how our song writing has evolved over time; “All killer and no filler” has been a reoccurring response we’ve received from industry professionals.

This single was brought to it’s fullest potential with the help of producer Matt Good (From First to Last). He has a way of bringing out the best in you while making the recording process an enjoyable experience. 
Although it’s message is serious in tone, the song is catchy and will have you jumping to the beat.” – AFTER THE CALM


After the Calm started from a living room jam session on Memorial Day of 2014 with friends Kody Rattler (Drums), David Nuñez (Guitar), and Henry Cota Jr.(Bass). Jonathan Habermacher (Guitar) joined the band shortly after the initial meeting. The search for a singer was long, but with the luck of a Craigslist ad, the band had added Logan Miracle (Vocals) as the final piece to their puzzle.

Their influences range from System of a Down to Blink-182; their sound is often compared to A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong. Some songs will have metal riffs while others tread on the line of pop-punk. There is definitely something for everyone, whether they want to mosh or just jump up and sing along. On October 15th, 2016, After the Calm released their debut EP, Ignis Fatuus, hosting a sold out show at local venue Joe’s Grotto. Their on-stage energy and crowd engagement lead them to opening for international acts such as I See StarsI Prevail, and WATERPARKS. Their sound and hard work earned them a slot on the final Van’s Warped Tour 18’ in Arizona. Aside from playing shows, the band has worked on giving back to their community by raising money for the Arizona Humane Society through various fundraisers.

Interview with After The Calm

By Serena Low

Sharing the passion, compassion and a love for creating the music they believe in After The Calm is shouting it out loud and proud. Together they are a team, a family of bandmates that view their music as something created with every band member in mind. This unifying way of vibing their sound can be sensed in the music they create and the love and effort they make with their fans.

Serena Low: Introduce yourselves. Tell us all a bit about who you are, what you play and how long you have been playing your particular instrument.


Henry Cota- “I’m known as Hanky, childhood name that im stuck with. I have been playing bass since high school, almost 15 years now.


Logan Miracle- “I sing in the band. I can play a little guitar but haven’t in forever. But I’ve been singing for almost 15 years. Choir all throughout school and have been writing and playing music since about my senior year of high school.”


David Nunez – “I’m the guitarist and have been playing guitar since I was 15. I am 30 yrs old so yeah 15 years but I originally wanted to play drums lol.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “I love math and tutoring people, I also enjoy going out to shows and hanging with friends. I have been playing guitar since I was 16.”


Kody Rattler – “I’ve been playing music since grade school, instruments varying from trumpet and piano, to guitar and drums. Aside from music, I’m a gamer at heart.”


SL: What is it about this combination of bandmates that makes After The Calm work on the level of creative flow?


Henry Cota “I was in bands in the past where there was an individual with a God complex, it was their way or the highway. We share ideas musically and have constructive criticism if needed.”


Logan Miracle – “We play well together. When we have time to prepare, we take it seriously. And we’ll give you one hell of a show. And at the same time, we’re all great friends.”


David Nunez – “We all just bring solid ideas to the table. Musical chemistry is key and we have it. It’s something some bands never achieve and I’m glad we were able to have that with each other.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “I really think it helps that Kody and I have been friends for a long as well as Hankey and David. Logan fits really well into the band and the past few years of writing has gotten better and easier the more we write.”


Kody Rattler – “Communication and commitment are key to success.”


SL: Each one of you brings your own unique perspectives into the collective. How do you take each contribution and join them together so each one of you feels ‘heard?’


Henry Cota- “We all let our opinions be heard and have open discussions. In the end, we decide what’s best for the band.”


David Nunez – “It’s a real Democracy when we make decisions. No one person is bigger than the band. We all have to put any ego aside and contribute. This makes all of have real ownership of the band and the investment is worth it.”


Logan Miracle – “ It all comes down to what’s our best interest. All decisions are majority vote. Every single one of us plays an equal part in the band.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “Every major decision we make is talked about and at the end, we take a vote and the majority rules. We do our best to present all our ideas and talk through which idea will work best. It is important that everyone is heard.”


Kody Rattler – “We tackle obstacles together as a group. No decision is made by any one person.”


Who wrote the lyrics for “Stuck On Repeat?” Talk about the story behind it.


Logan Miracle – “ I write all the lyrics and bring them to the rest of the guys for their input. This song is cool because it tells from one perspective but the music video shows from another perspective. It’s really about someone who keeps making the same wrong choices in life. And it begins to push away the people they love most.”


Overall what do each of you enjoy more the processes behind the writing of music, performing it live, or the creation behind the music video for it?


Henry Cota- “I love the recording process, taking your section of the song from its infancy and combining it with everyone’s parts to create something that the world can listen to.”


David Nunez – “I love writing, if I could be locked in a studio all day, every day for a month. We’d have five albums worth of songs.”


Logan Miracle – “That’s so hard. I’m a very in the moment person so I’ll love writing a new song but then I want to record it asap. And after that I just want everyone to hear it live. I’d guess if I had to choose it’d be playing live. Just cause of the crowd.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “Performing live has always been my favorite because all the hard work comes to a climax at that show when you first present that new song. The time it took to write the song, record it, and film it brings everyone to the show to see it done live and it means so much.”


Kody Rattler – “Writing can be the most frustrating step of the process. Recording is stressful but always a blast. Performing live is where it’s at.”


Where have you as a band found most of your success in getting your music heard- iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play?


David Nunez – “Looking at the numbers it would be YouTube. I count views as listens so.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “That is really hard to tell because I haven’t looked at the numbers for all those platforms but I would say YouTube since we have been pushing that a lot this past year.”


Logan Miracle – “I’d say either YouTube or Spotify.”


Kody Rattler – “Each platform plays a role in our reach, though I personally use YouTube and Spotify above all.”


If you were to put together a reunion tour where you as a band got to be direct support- what band would you like to be that headliner in this reunion tour?


Henry Cota- “Blink 182 with Tom on guitar.”


David Nunez – “Hands down Rage Against the Machine.”


Logan Miracle – “Dance Gavin Dance with all previous and current vocalists performing their songs.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “System of a Down.”


Kody Rattler – “Reunion meaning the headliner is no longer together, I’d say Yellowcard. They’re top-notch and have an incredibly devoted following.”


It is late night munchie time, you head out the door as a band to a local donut shop. What do each of you pick out and who would eat most of them?


Henry- “I would choose the boring originalKrispyyKremee looking donut. I have a feeling Logan wouldoverindulgee.”


Logan Miracle – “Boston Cream all day. And I know I’ll end up eating way too much knowingly with no care.”


David Nunez – “Long johns or glazed. Never could pick my favorite of the two. Logan seems like a donut monster.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “I have always liked the chocolate icing with custard filling, Kody and I don’t eat as much so most likely Logan cause he always surprises me with how much he can put down.”


Kody Rattler – “Chocolate frosted with sprinkles and an iced mocha. My money is on Logan or Hanky eating the most. They’re growing dads, after all.”


Where can we find your music, keep updated and buy merch?


ATC – “You can find our music on all music platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play etc. We always post to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our monthly recap videos are on YouTube. You can buy exclusive merch at Thank you for having us.”

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