A Night With Machine Head in Madison,Wi- 10/17/18

The Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin is a beautiful venue for some killer heavy metal shows. Machine Head’s show was rescheduled from back in February as vocalist Robb Flynn fell ill, but Madison didn’t forget about Machine Head, everyone piled into this venue for a raging 3 hour set. The second leg of the ‘Freaks and Zeroes’ tour has just begun!

Fans were ‘wooing’ and cheering before Machine Head even came on stage. As soon as the lights darkened fans started chanting “Machine Fucking Head” and the madness started as soon as they took the stage opening with their song “Imperium” off their 2007 album “Through The Ashes Of Empires.” All night long the crowd wasn’t slowing down. Not after 1, 2, nor 3 hours of being in this hot and sweaty crowd. It was a typical metal show, you had the headbangers, moshers, and the crowd surfers. The energy never let down!

The crowd was singing their hearts out to songs like “Now We Die,” “The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears,” “Catharsis,” “Locust” and many more. Playing a whopping 26 song set, there was so much room for Machine Head to play songs off albums from the way beginning, to most recent, and everything in between. Old timer fans had their fix of songs from albums like “Burn My Eyes” dating back to 1994, and newer Machine Head fans heard songs off albums like “Bloodstone And Diamonds” and “Catharsis.”

Machine Head was playing many original tunes all night but guitarist Phil Demmel also busted out a killer guitar solo that had the crowd in awe. Drummer Dave McClain also powered through what had to of been one of the coolest drum solos ever. From the lights, to the precision, Dave definitely made his passion for the drums known. Fans were honored to see a solo from these legends as it was most likely their last time seeing Dave and Phil on stage as Machine Head. Much respect is given to those two on their journey.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Machine Head closed out their set with their song “Halo” from their 2007 album “The Blackening.” From the crowd interaction with vocalist Robb Flynn, the entertaining facial expressions from bassist Jared MacEachern, to the solos from both Phil and Dave, a night with Machine Head was definitely a night to remember.

Photos and Review by: Mariah Berg

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